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Dear fellow Online Salesman., 

This might just be your best day yet!

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exclusively for online Biz folks interested in attracting customers that Pay, Stay, & Refer..

through the power of stunning high-converting sales pages (Like this one) that leave your visitors raving about your brand. 

Forget everything you've been told about online marketing. 

It's a lot simpler than the 'gurus' make it sound.

Now, Pay attention here because if you've been struggling with making sales this is most likely the reason why - 

Everything You need to know about selling products online (physical or digital) can be streamlined to Just 2 words:




You know what they say, that "It takes two to tango"....

and these two can't perform independently of each other.


From a combination of my experience and several statistics, the major challenge most folks who sell online have isn't traffic (attracting people to their offer)..

But conversion (getting them to whip out their wallets and make payments).

Would it rattle your cage if I told you that Improving your conversion is not as mindlessly easy as throwing money at a paid traffic campaign.

and so dear friend, if you've found making sales online excruciatingly frustrating…

It's because you're probably ignoring the big X-factor -

The effectiveness of a High - Converting Sales Page.

Because after all said and done..

Real money resides….

Not in how many eyeballs your offer attracts..

but in how many visitors you can get to take the desired action - which, in most, cases is whipping out their wallets, pulling out their credit cards, and buying whatever it is you're selling..

With this in mind, here's the grin truth:

You need a stunning Sales Pages for your offers if you don't want to keep flushing all your advertising budget down the toilet.

Now, What if I told you that you can build & design these pages all by yourself..

Without Having any hard-core software programming skills.
Without Paying ridiculously inflated fees to sales funnel builders.
Without Spending a penny on outrageously priced A.I tools.

Let's face the facts-

The difference between you and those folks you hear about who rake in millions of good ol' fashioned Nigerian Naira monthly is…

The right tools &
Practical knowledge on the use of these tools.


If you've never built or designed a sales page or managed to create one that mediocre at it's very best,

Heads Up! 

I'm about to reveal to you…

The Sure-Fire way of creating unlimited fast-selling Sales Pages on Sleek without breaking a single line of sweat!

I've packaged everything you need to know right here in the this course aptly named..

This is probably the most comprehensive - yet affordable- sales page building course available anywhere on the internet.

You finally have an opportunity to kill (and bury🤠) all your frustrations related to selling online.

I will be holding your hand and walking you through the nitty-gritty of designing the perfect sales page for your business.


showing you a simple, carefully-hidden shortcut to simply plugging in any of the 100s of templates I'll be making available to you.

They say if something sounds too good to be true, then it probably its.

Screw that!

Wanna hear directly from some of the myriads of online biz owners whom I've trained in this craft?

An incredible 98% of them are cocksure that SPM is a marketer's wet dream!

Who is this course for?

You should take this course immediately if you sell anything online and you fall under any of these categories below


Affiliate Marketers

You want to create landing pages to generate high quality leads online.


E-commerce Merchant (Physical Products)

You sell physical products online with the payment on delivery system or online payment


Digital Creator 

You create and sell digital products online like courses, eBooks etc. 

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting...

Taking this course will catapult you 10x ahead of your sales journey. You don't have to keep wasting time and money trying to figure everything out on your own. Here is what you will learn

  • You'll get access to 100s of already designed high converting sales and landing pages you can start using to sell out immediately {Worth #45,000}
  • Jaw Dropping Copywriting! Learn how to write hypnotic sales copies that exponentially increase sales on your page {Worth #35,000}
  • Smartphone Productivity Hack - Discover how to transform your mobile phone into a cash machine. (+ All practical page designs on smartphones) {Worth #20,000}
  • Learn to create Sales pages for Physical/ Digital products with special integrations eg payment gateways, order forms etc. {Worth #15,000}
  • Instant unrestricted access to every tool required to be a badass sales page designer capable of commanding six-figures from clients {Worth #115,000}
  • Laser focused quality leads generator landing page that will filter your traffic source and deliver only high quality leads to you {Worth #20,000}
  • Discover how to create order bump to increase sales {Worth #18,000}

Total Value of the SPM Course



Would you agree that's a fair price to pay for the total value of what you'll be getting?

Okay, think about this in terms of the potential return on investments (ROI).

If you mastered the skill of sales page creation and design, how long will it take you to recover #268,000?

Let's assume that you decide not to sell a product (physical or digital) using high converting sales pages. 

and instead opt to offer this skill as a service to people who do. You simply create and optimize an Upwork account or Fiverr Gig.. and BOOM!! - the money starts raining in - $100, $250, even $1,500 per sales page you create for clients.

With the $1 = #800 naira currently, do the math. We're talking about a constant flow of 6-figure income.

How would you like that, really?

And if you're currently selling a physical or digital product, wouldn't it be just awesome if you could exponentially increase sales of that product with a crazy-converting sales page that you designed yourself?

You see, the possibilities are endless.

NOW I'll make you an offer

Because you're among the first persons to set their eyes on this page. 

I want to make it extremely impossible for you to leave this page without tasting the awesomeness of the SPM course.   

because I need your testimonials - badly.

If you make click the buy now button before the countdown strikes 00 : 00 : 00,

you'll be getting everything I've just listed for a measly


Now, here's a sneak peak into the course 3 major modules…



In this module you will learn everything about sales. I'll uncover the hidden psychology behind raking in more sales that you can possibly handle, how to position yourself for maximum conversion, features that makes a sales page superb and the benefits of using a sales page.



Under this section you will discover subscription- free  tools for designing high converting sales and landing pages that other gurus are frightened to show you. You will also learn how to set everything up within minutes.



In this module you will learn how to start designing your sales or landing pages, depending on the type of product you are advertising. You will learn how to plug in your products to high converting pages and how to implement all features. You will also learn how to set up your online payment system.

Hold on there!

There's more.. 

Remember when I Said I wanted you to taste the awesomeness of the SPM course?

Well, I've got an added incentive  to motivate you get this course now -  not tomorrow.

Here are some fast-action bonuses you'll miss out on if you wait until tomorrow….

Bonus 01 Follow Up Email

Up to 70% of visitors abandon purchase on sales pages. Learn how to set up follow up email on abandoned carts and converts them into customers {Worth #10,000}

Bonus 02 Learn The Concept Of Urgency

Discover the 4 proven urgency tactics you can implement on your sales page for guaranteed conversion {worth #7,500}


🛑There's no such thing as "too affordable".  Over the past few years, I've established a solid reputation for creating beginner-friendly courses that produce highly skilled online marketers  and giving them out at the most reasonable prices possible.

🛑Uhhhhm…Yes, there's a string attached. I’m giving you these insane bonuses as 'a bribe' to enjoy this experience and join other trainees in swearing that it’s the real deal. 

I get another one of my courses in your hands, and when you see how effective it is, it should get you excited to buy other courses and programs I create in the future. 

The more money I can help you make & save now with the SALES PAGE MAGIC course , the more likely you are to purchase a solution worth 4- figures.

BUT THERE'S A REAL URGENCY HERE (not the regular fake FOMO antic)

This is Purely a trial offer. 

Whatever pricing you see now represents a 73% discount. As you already know, trial offers don't last forever - even when we hope they would. 

As you read this, the SPM course is selling out fast, and as soon as we hit our target number, we will be raising the prices back to full price. 

It's simple supply and demand and it's happening here in real time.

So NOW is the time get this course for yourself before it's too late!

and oh! All fast action bonuses disappear with the trial offer pretty soon.

Fair Warning, Yeah?

"Oh Phillip, I need this…But can't afford to risk #4,999. Is there a guarantee?"

Hell Yes! Matter Of Fact, I Have TWO Guarantees For You

And it's not just "TRUST ME BRO".

Guarantee #1

money back
100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

If within 30 - days of purchasing this course,  you're anything but incredibly thrilled by your experience & you feel I only wasted your time,  simply send me a WhatsApp message and  request for a refund paid in full - with our compliments. 

No hassles. No hard feelings. No questions asked.

That's how absolutely certain we are that you'll find tremendous value in..

Just email support or call the number on your receipt and I'll personally ensure that every single penny of your #4,999 is sent to you.

Guarantee #2


I'm not only  interested in selling you stuff.  I'm passionate about you making a success with with whatever course  I create. If anything, I know that designing sales pages  can be a bumpy ride sometimes. 


That's why if you have any questions or hang-ups on how to solve issues you'll encounter in the process of implementing what you learn from SPM,  you'll be able to reach my team of technically astute online marketing professionals via email and receive a response within a 24-hour period.


You don't have second-guess  yourself. We truly care about your success, and that's why we'll be there every step of the way. 

It's not just a guarantee. It's a promise.

"Such a powerful Risk-free Guarantee? Man you got guts!"

Yes I do.

Because I can bet on the efficacy of SALES PAGE MAGIC.

It's free of fluff and Mumble-Jumble. 

It's the product of my 5 years+ experience in the world of online marketing, during which period I've meticulously studied and reversed engineered some of the best sales pages you'd ever come across.

My team and I recruited a brain trust of 5 of the very best sales funnel builders who have gone on to burn the midnight candle every day for the past 8 months making sure every bolt is tightened up. 

No expense was spared in the creation of this course.

If you could lay your hands on  just ONE comprehensive training course  that forever takes away the frustration of low sales resulting from mediocre or no sales pages and make several hundreds of naira weekly in the process….

I'm talking about a course that supercharges your marketing efforts almost instantly…..

How much would you pay for that ONE tool?

$497? $997? $1499?

Oh well… today you have the never - before - seen  opportunity of paying just #4,999 for a limited time only.

Will you grab it or let it slip?

Here's What To Do Next…

..and here's the serious part. All you have to do right now is simply…

Click on any of the buttons on this page right now, add your card details , and we can finally get started!    

Sincerely, the excitement has got me really swelled up and I just can't wait to welcome you on board and help you make a shit ton of moolah while mastering the art of sales page creation.

It's time to take that one action your online business will thank you for!

Talk Soon,

Phillip Ehilebo.

P.S. I don't know how you got here. Maybe you've read the entire letter. Or (like me) you just preferred  to scroll to  the end to get the main info. Here's a quick summary of everything I want to place hands for a measly #4,999:

🛑Access to 100's of high-converting sales and landing page templates which allows you to simply plug in your product and print money. {Worth #45,000}

🛑Jaw Dropping Copywriting! Learn how to write hypnotic sales copies that exponentially increase sales on your page {Worth #35,000}

🛑Smartphone Productivity Hack - Discover how to transform your mobile phone into a cash machine. (+ Practical page designs on smartphones .) {Worth #20,000}

🛑 Learn to create Sales pages for Physical products with special integrations eg payment gateways, order forms etc. {Worth #15,000}

🛑Instant unrestricted access to every tool required to be a badass sales page designer capable of commanding six-figures from clients {Worth #115,000}

🛑Laser focused quality leads generator landing page that will filter your traffic source and deliver only high quality leads to you {Worth #20,000}

🛑Discover how to create order bump to increase sales {Worth #18,000}

In addition -  A smoking hot list of 2 Mouth-Watering Fast-Action Bonus (check above) has been added to your package shooting up it's value to a staggering #285,500.

But Now, for less than the cost of dinner at the cheapest restaurant in your neighborhood, 

Everything can be yours! You never have to worry about wasted traffic as the bulk of all qualified leads will be converted to happy paying customers.

Sounds like a good deal?

C'mon…Can you really afford to not grab it now this moment?  

If You're Still Here... Then You Must Be Thinking, "Is This REALLY For Me And My Business?"

And the fact that you're asking is concrete proof that you're smarter than 85% who of online Biz owners who really can't wait to jump on the next shiny object peddled my charlatans.

Contrary to what you might think, this isn't another elegantly written sales page designed to talk you into purchasing another WHACKY program. 

What you've just read is a 100% risk-free  solution revealing a system that  helped me generate a whooping ₦2,438,247 in sales under 22 days.

Just so we're clear on this, let me tell you who SALE PAGE MAGIC is (and isn't) for :

SALES PAGE MAGIC  is Certainly NOT FOR YOU if you're comfortable with literally Flushing hundreds of dollars down the toilet in the name of driving traffic to your offers without any plans to improve the rate of conversion.

SALES PAGE MAGIC is NOT FOR YOU if you can afford to be perceived as being 'behind the times' by customers, clients and anyone you do business with online, who prefers to send prospects to WhatsApp or FB Messenger and spend valuable time chatting online  trying to convince folks to buy what you sell - when an effective sales page can perform that same function!

THIS IS FOR   the online entrepreneur who's got a serious business mind and is ready to trigger massive sales by the learning how to build sales pages that grab customers by the neck and make them beg you to take their money in exchange for the product or service you sell. Simple!


Finally,  THIS FOR YOU if you've managed to read this letter up until this point.


It is an indication of interest in SPM


NOW is the time to take the ultimate step.


Because, as we all know, more money is lost through 'Inaction'.


and every Savvy business person I know takes action.


Do it now, Will you?


Who can take this course?

If you sell anything online and you need to generate high quality leads or sales you need to take this course

Must i have a laptop to start?

No, you can use a smartphone or a laptop

Is it beginner friendly?

Absolutely! even if you haven't sold anything online before, you can take this course, implement and start selling

Do i pay additional fee tor the tools?

No, you will get access to all the tools free of charge.

Join Thousands Of Smart Marketers Selling Out Their Products Online With The SPM Course

Your breakthrough to unlimited sales is just one step away

Hi Friend

I truly want to see you succeed with good sales record online. As sad as it may sound the reality is: trying to get everything right on your own most times will only cost you money and ultimately TIME which is our greatest asset as humans. You don't want to waste anymore time, trying processes that won't work. Click the button below and I will work you through all the steps you need to start selling online. See you on the inside.